Our highly trained, skilled ENT specialists at The Barranco Clinic will provide diagnostic testing to determine the root causes of your dysphagia and can offer personalized therapy that makes it easier to swallow when eating or drinking. Treatment may include customized exercises, medications, and other options to help restore your health and well-being in a timely manner.

Your Swallowing Therapy Treatment

Your swallowing therapy treatment will be designed to address your unique issues and target the exact location and mechanisms that are causing the most distress. Dysphagia can occur at any one of the following phases:

Oral phase

This is the phase in which chewing solids or sipping liquids occurs. Food or beverages are moved into the throat.

Pharyngeal phase

Here, the food and liquids begin their journey down the throat towards the stomach. 

Esophageal phase

This phase occurs as the food and drinks make their way through the esophagus. 

Once we have determined at which phases your issue is happening, we can give you specific exercises to help maneuver and reposition the food and beverages so that they might have an easier time going down. We can also provide medications and diet recommendations to help solve the problem.

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“I was very pleased that I was treated professionally and courteously from start to finish. My doctor ordered the necessary tests to be done before he saw me, and he performed the exam needed. He took the time to answer any questions I had and answered them to my satisfaction. He even had me sign a release for the treatment I had done in another state, which surprised me, as I have found that not all physicians are that thorough.”

by Dorothy S.

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Conditions Treated Through Swallowing Therapy

Swallowing therapy can help patients with dysphagia to experience more ease, safety, and comfort during their daily routine.

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Benefits of the Procedure

When swallowing becomes difficult, it can impact your life on many levels, from your relationships and work to your energy and comfort levels. You may find that you’re not taking in enough water or nutrients, which can leave you depleted and exhausted. Dysphagia can be more dangerous as well, especially in the event that you choke. Swallowing therapy can help support a safer, healthier lifestyle through targeted exercises.

About The Barranco Clinic

The Barranco Clinic provides top-tier, state-of-the-art ENT services to patients in and around Lake Wales, Winter Haven, Haines City, Sebring, and Clermont. From our advanced, innovative technology and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to the friendliness and dedication of all our team members, The Barranco Clinic aims to exceed your expectations at every turn. Our practice is founded on the following core principles:

Personalized Treatment

We understand that only an individualized approach allows the patient to fully voice their needs and concerns and the doctors to create a treatment plan that will result in a successful, long-lasting outcome.

Top-rated Physician Network

With over 300 years of combined expertise, our skilled, rigorously trained ENT specialists deliver exponential healing and relief. Thanks to our collaborative and cooperative environment, clients receive the benefit of provider knowledge across a wide array of disciplines.

Continuity of Care

Your care is seamless, stress-free, and revitalizing, beginning with your in-depth consultation and extending well beyond when you embark on your recovery journey. We follow up with all our patients to ensure they are experiencing long-term improvement in their symptoms.

Community Investment

We aim to share our values of generosity and compassion with not only those within the clinic walls but also our communities. To do this, we regularly participate in programs that provide housing, food, clothing, resources, medical aid, and social support to those who need it most.

Who is a Candidate?

Good candidates for swallowing therapy are having trouble with the process of getting food and beverages to go down the food pipe properly. They may have an underlying medical condition that is causing the issue, such as a neurological condition, an injury, or a mass in the mouth, throat, or esophagus. Our team of qualified ENT providers will meet with you in private to assess your candidacy for treatment.

What to Expect from Swallowing Therapy

Swallowing therapy is adjusted to match your unique issues. Once our ENT specialists have figured out at which stage of the swallowing process your problem is occurring, they can then pinpoint and tailor your therapy. We will also perform diagnostic testing to find the root cause of the issue rather than just addressing the symptoms. Your treatment may include special exercises for the tongue, mouth, and jaw, as well as medication. 

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Swallowing Therapy FAQ

When should I seek out treatment?

If you are experiencing chronic dysphagia, it’s important to see an experienced ENT doctor to find out what is causing the issue. Swallowing difficulties should not be ignored, as they can lead to weight loss and, in some cases, choking.

Can children undergo swallowing therapy?

Yes. Swallowing therapy can be vital for children, as they need the right amount of nutrients to ensure proper growth and development.

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