The Barranco Clinic offers several hearing surgeries to help patients with these conditions. Our providers can select a surgery option for patients based on their type of hearing loss and the area of the ears that are affected.

Types of Hearing Repair Surgery

Surgeries to repair hearing loss are categorized by the area they repair. There are two common types of hearing loss surgery which focus on the middle ear and the eardrum. 


The stape is the bone in the middle ear that helps sound move smoothly through the ear. A stapedectomy is often used for patients with otosclerosis, which can affect the stape. For some patients with this condition, the stape does not develop properly and can affect sound and vibrations through the ears. This surgical procedure can help restore these functions and improve hearing by repairing the stape with a prosthetic. 


This surgery helps repair, or even replace, the eardrum when damage has occurred. Patients may require a tympanoplasty when the eardrum has been injured by chronic infections or trauma. A tissue graft is used to repair the eardrum, or in some cases, it may be used to replace the entire eardrum. The surgeon can work through the ear canal, causing minimal scarring and improving hearing ability.

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Who Is a Candidate for Ear Surgery?

At The Barranco Clinic, you will receive an evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for surgery or if another method of care is best. The primary candidates for surgery are those who have damage to the inner or outer ear and are experiencing hearing loss as a result. It also includes those with growths or abnormalities that interfere with the natural path of sound.

Conditions Treated Through Ear Surgery 

These surgeries help patients restore their hearing by repairing or replacing areas of the ears that require correction. These surgeries are specific to those who experience hearing loss due to damage or malformation of the ears, not those who experience hearing loss due to age or other reasons.

Benefits of Ear Repair Surgery 

The main benefit of these surgeries is the restoration of hearing. By increasing your hearing abilities or improving them, you can more easily participate in activities and improve your quality of life. Patients will experience improved ease when conversing with friends, listening to music, and watching tv and movies. Some surgeries can also help reduce chronic conditions such as ear infections by replacing the eardrum.

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Your Ear Surgery Experience

Because there are several types of surgery, the exact steps of your experience will vary. Your provider will be sure to discuss all pre-and post-operative care instructions with you before your surgery. The type of anesthesia will also vary based on surgery. 

Some surgeries require general anesthesia, while others can use local anesthesia. Overnight stays may be necessary for some patients to monitor their recovery from surgery. During your at-home recovery process, you should refrain from more strenuous activities, including heavy lifting and certain forms of exercise.

The recovery timelines can vary but range from a few days to several weeks. This will be based on a patient’s healing ability and the type of surgery used. Within a few weeks of surgery, you will begin to experience the procedure’s results.

Surgery to Repair Hearing FAQ

When will I begin to notice the results?

This can vary, but on average, patients will begin experiencing results within a few weeks after surgery.

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