If you are concerned about changes in the sound of your voice and think you are experiencing vocal tremors and spasms, call our team of experienced, seasoned ENT specialists at The Barranco Clinic right away. We can diagnose and treat your condition, restoring your vocal cords to optimal health.

Treatment Options for Vocal Tremors and Spasms

While tremors and spasms themselves cannot be cured, our ENT doctors can provide relief from your symptoms through personalized treatments. These may include speech therapy to help you better adapt to vocal spasms and injectables such as BOTOX to limit muscle activity and abnormal tremors. 

How Vocal Tremors and Spasms Work

Speaking occurs when air from the lungs vibrates the vocal cords, producing a sound. When the vocal muscles move involuntarily, it is called spasmodic dysphonia. This ailment can prevent the cords from vibrating sufficiently to make normal sounds.

Vocal tremors and spasms can create interruptions in the flow of speech, making it challenging to hold a conversation. The rate and frequency of vocal spasms will vary from person to person. If your vocal tremors are making it difficult to be understood, it may be time to consider medical intervention.

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Who Is Affected by Vocal Spasms

Vocal spasms occur most often in people over 55; however, even children and teens can experience the condition. Women who use their voices for a living and talk all day are more prone to vocal tremors and spasms.

Symptoms of Vocal Tremors and Spasms

  • Difficulty speaking
  • Unable to raise the voice
  • Harsh vocal sound
  • The voice breaks frequently

About The Barranco Clinic

The Barranco Clinic serves the populations of Lake Wales, Winter Haven, Haines City, Sebring, and Clermont, providing top-tier ENT services that are customized and detailed. Our state-of-the-art practice features cutting-edge technology and advanced diagnostic testing that allows for a superior, expedited treatment process.

The Barranco Clinic is founded on the following principles:

Personalized Treatment

We treat each client as a unique individual, not just another number. That means listening carefully to your goals and concerns and crafting a treatment plan geared toward your individual anatomy, lifestyle, comfort levels, and wishes.

Top-rated Physician Network

Our skilled, vetted ENT specialists have over 300 years of combined expertise, ensuring you receive the best care possible. Our atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation means exponential healing for the client and a solid foundation for a successful result.

Continuity of Care

From your first consultation to the detailed follow-up each client receives after they leave, we go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction with your outcome. Each member of our staff is dedicated to helping you achieve the highest level of well-being possible.

Community Investment

Our compassion and generosity at The Barranco Clinic extends far past our clinic walls. We actively invest in our communities by organizing medical aid, education, and clothing drives and by donating valuable resources and essential items.

Vocal Tremors and Spams FAQs

Can vocal tremors and spasms be found in children?

Yes. People of all ages can experience vocal spasms, even children and teens.

Is there any condition that poses a greater risk for vocal spasms and tremors?

Almost anyone can experience a vocal tremor or spasm, although the condition is more common in women, middle-aged patients, and those who speak professionally. If you are struggling with symptoms of vocal spasms and tremors, contact our seasoned ENT specialists today.

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