At The Barranco Clinic, our team of highly trained, knowledgeable ENT providers will use a specialized instrument called a laryngoscope to detect abnormalities in the vocal cords. Once we have an understanding of your core issues, we can create a personalized treatment plan that helps you regain the use of your voice.

Your Treatment with SFENTA

As a first step, our team will discuss your symptoms, perform a physical evaluation, and delve into your medical history. We will use a mirror, laryngoscope, or videostrobolaryngoscopy to explore your vocal cords with the utmost precision.

These instruments give the doctors access to images of your internal structures so they can correctly diagnose your concerns.

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“Wonderful, caring staff. They've been very helpful with my ear and allergy issues.”

by Patti C.

Conditions Treated 

Our ENT specialists will use the advanced techniques at their disposal to investigate vocal nodules, polyps, paralysis, laryngitis, or other ailments that may be causing chronic hoarseness. 

Benefits of the procedure

Vocal cord and voice examination can be instrumental in helping to diagnose and treat your loss of vocal power. Early detection of abnormalities can be invaluable in terms of your full recovery. The test is performed at one of our local office suites and has no downtime.

Procedure Candidacy

If you have noticed changes in your voice, pain while speaking, dysphagia, persistent coughing, or hoarseness that is not going away, it may be prudent that you undergo vocal cord and voice examination as soon as possible. We can help diagnose any underlying medical concerns that may be causing your symptoms and create a treatment plan geared towards your specific needs.

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About The Barranco Clinic

The Barranco Clinic provides outstanding, state-of-the-art ENT services to clients in and beyond Lake Wales, Winter Haven, Haines City, Sebring, and Clermont. From our cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and advanced, innovative technology to the dedication and compassion of every team member, The Barranco Clinic has earned a reputation for exceeding expectations at every stage of the treatment process. Our practice is founded on the following principles:

Personalized Treatment

We place value on seeing each patient as a unique individual, believing that this is the foundation for a successful, long-lasting outcome. This means active listening and the crafting of a customized treatment plan that takes into account your anatomy, lifestyle, comfort levels, and wishes.

Top-rated Physician Network

Our team of seasoned, knowledgeable ENT specialists has over 300 years of combined expertise, and over 54 providers are instantly available to you. Through an atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation among practitioners, you receive the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach along with exponential healing.

Continuity of Care

From the moment you book your consultation until after your detailed recovery plan, your treatment process is seamless, stress-free, and rewarding. We follow up with you long after you leave the clinic to make sure you are experiencing comprehensive relief from your symptoms.

Community Investment

As part of our commitment to our core values of generosity and humanity, we regularly give back to the community by partnering with programs that provide resources, food, shelter, medicine, education, and social support to those individuals most in need.

What to Expect from Your Treatment

Your first action will be to meet with one of our vetted ENT experts to go over your symptoms and concerns about your voice. During this initial consultation, we will explore your medical history and decide if vocal cord and voice examination is the best next step.

Once an exam is booked, your provider will investigate your vocal cords using a narrow scope that can project images onto a monitor, giving our team the clearest and most precise feedback. We will be able to view any anomalies, signs of distress, or abnormalities. With these results at our fingertips, we will be able to craft a treatment plan that solves your issues and restores your overall well-being.


When should I get a vocal cord and voice exam?

If symptoms such as hoarseness, dysphagia, vocal strain, or pain in your vocal cords have not gone away after 2 weeks, it is definitely a good idea to see one of our rigorously trained ENT professionals.

With 3 convenient locations around the Orlando area, we're never far away.

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