Our skilled, knowledgeable ENT specialists at The Barranco Clinic have years of expertise performing this delicate surgical procedure and will choose the best approach for your unique issues.

Salivary Gland Surgery Types

Salivary gland surgery can be performed in several different ways, with the two most common techniques described below.


The largest salivary gland is called the parotid gland, and it is the one responsible for producing your saliva. This type of surgery removes tumors from the region that are causing discomfort and other problems. The incision is created at the base of the ear and runs beneath the jawline. Once the gland and surrounding tissues are safely removed, the ENT surgeon will close the wound with fine sutures. 

Submandibular gland excision

The second-largest gland salivary glands are called the submandibular glands. When these areas are plagued by stones, blockages, or chronic infections, surgery can step in to dramatically relieve symptoms. The incision is created in the crease of the neck, where it is well-hidden.

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Conditions Treated 

Surgery is reserved for those patients with tumors in their salivary glands. While many tumors turn out to be benign, they are occasionally cancerous, requiring immediate attention. The surgery can also be helpful for patients who are dealing with salivary stones, saliva blockage, or recurring infections in their salivary glands.

Benefits of Salivary Gland Surgery

Surgery is a way for patients with salivary gland tumors to find long-lasting relief from uncomfortable symptoms. After the glands are removed, the flow of saliva returns to normal, and life becomes more comfortable. Our qualified ENT professionals utilize the most advanced surgical techniques currently available to ensure a safe and successful outcome.

“Great clinic. The wait time can be long at times, but the medical service is exceptional. My doctor and his team did an amazing job with my surgery last week. They made sure I was comfortable, and the pain was minimal. I would highly recommend The Barranco Clinic.”

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What to Expect from Salivary Gland Surgery 

As a first step, our ENT specialists will meticulously evaluate your issues and concerns, recording your symptoms and delving into your medical background. A physical exam may also accompany this process. Once the surgery is determined to be your best option, we will schedule a date for your operation.

Salivary gland surgery is performed under general anesthesia, so your experience will be completely pain-free. Through a small incision in the crease of the neck, your surgeon will remove a portion or all of your salivary glands. The wound will then be closed with fine sutures, and you will be provided with an aftercare plan for your recovery. The recuperation period with salivary gland surgery typically lasts 10-14 days.

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Who is a candidate?

Ideal candidates for surgery have diagnosed tumors in their salivary glands, saliva blockage, or salivary stones. Prior to surgery, our team will investigate your symptoms through rigorous diagnostic testing, a thorough physical exam, and a detailed review of your medical history. We will always strive to use non-invasive solutions before choosing surgery. However, surgery is usually the most effective method for removing salivary gland tumors.

Is salivary gland surgery painful?

You will be fully sedated with general anesthesia during the procedure, so you will not feel anything. After surgery, our team will make sure you go home with prescription pain medications. However, many clients find they can manage any postoperative discomfort with over-the-counter painkillers such as Tylenol.

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