Our staff is experienced in performing ear surgeries to help patients find relief from the conditions impacting their lives. We can perform several procedures that help patients find lasting relief.

Ear Surgeries Available at SFENTA


Tympanoplasty is performed to fix a perforated eardrum. It’s done under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. Your doctor will remove the perforation during surgery and place a graft through a discreet incision behind the ear.


Ossiculoplasty is a surgery that treats conductive hearing loss. It’s done under general anesthesia and involves repairing the small bones in the inner ear to improve hearing function.

Vestibular nerve section

This procedure involves cutting the vestibular nerve, which connects balance and movement sensors to the brain. The goal is to correct vertigo problems while preserving your hearing.


During a labyrinthectomy, your surgeon will remove the entire balance portion of the ear to address the recurrent episodes of vertigo that are associated with Meniere’s disease.

Myringotomy with tympanostomy tube placement

The goal of this treatment is to address recurrent middle ear infections. It’s the most common childhood ear surgery. During the procedure, your doctor will create a small hole in the eardrum and insert a small tube to prevent infections, and allow fluid to drain freely from the middle ear.

Glomus Tumor Surgery

A glomus tumor is a noncancerous growth in the middle ear. Glomus tumors are removed with a surgical procedure to restore hearing. An incision is made in the inner ear or in the skull, and the tumor is carefully removed.

Acoustic Neuroma Surgery

An acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor that forms along the branches of a nerve in the inner ear. Acoustic neuroma surgery is performed to remove the tumor and restore hearing and balance. The tumor is removed through a window created in the skull or through the inner ear. This must be done very precisely to keep the facial nerve intact.

What Conditions May Require Ear Surgery?

  • Hearing loss
  • Perforated eardrum
  • Chronic infection
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Acoustic neuroma

Benefits of Surgical Ear Repair 

Ear surgeries can offer a long-lasting solution to certain ear conditions. Ear surgeries can help repair damage to the ear, as well as structural issues that have been present since birth.

For some patients, ear surgeries can also reduce the side effects and the repetition of chronic ear infections. Surgery can also help those who have lost their hearing due to malformation or injury restore their hearing abilities. 

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About The Barranco Clinic

The Barranco Clinic is composed of a dedicated team of ENT professionals who have been helping patients across Florida find relief from their symptoms for decades.

Our office aims to offer each patient:

Patient-Centered Care

Our providers prioritize listening and understanding your concerns to ensure you feel as though you are getting the attention you deserve.

A Network of Highly Trained Physicians

We’ve built a provider network that is staffed with physicians who specialize in all areas of ENT care. Our goal is to ensure each visit with a provider leaves you feeling confident in their care plan.

Continuity of Care

Our providers believe in finding you long-term care solutions that address each of the symptoms affecting you, no matter how big or small.

The Security of a Community Staple

The Barranco Clinic is proud to be a member of the Central Florida community and strives to always be available for our neighboring communities.

Who is a Candidate for Ear Surgery?

Our providers will determine candidacy at the time of your initial visit. They will evaluate your ears and symptoms and review your medical history. The primary candidates for surgery are those with certain types of hearing loss, injury to the ear, chronic ear infections, or malformation of the ears.

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Ear Surgeries FAQ

What are the steps of ear surgery?

The exact steps of your procedure and recovery will depend on the type of surgery used. Your provider will be able to discuss the procedure in detail, as well as your pre-or post-op care instructions before your surgery. Most procedures require just a few hours to complete, and incisions are concealed within or behind the ears. This ensures that there is no visible scarring.

Will ear surgery help all types of hearing loss patients?

Sadly, this surgery is not designed for all patients experiencing hearing loss. This surgery is used for those with hearing loss due to structural issues in the ears.

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