What Ear Surgeries are Performed to Repair Structural Damage?

The proper surgical procedure will vary depending on which area of the ear needs to be repaired and what the damage is to the outer or middle ear. The following are common surgeries performed to repair the structure of the outer and middle ear and restore the hearing.


The stape is located in the middle ear. When the bone structure is intact, this bone conducts sound through the ear. For patients whose stape does not develop correctly, which is common in the case of otosclerosis, or whose stape is damaged by hardening tissue, surgery is required. The stapedectomy is performed to allow proper sound and vibration through the ears. This procedure repairs the hearing by replacing the stape with a prosthetic. 


Eardrum damage can be caused due to direct trauma or by chronic ear infections. When the eardrum is damaged, a tympanoplasty is performed by a surgeon working through the ear canal. During tympanoplasty, a tissue graft is used to repair or fully replace the eardrum. A full replacement is generally only required if the eardrum has sustained significant damage. This surgery has the benefit of improving hearing without causing particularly visible scars.

Ossicular chain reconstruction

The ossicles are very small bones in the middle ear. Ossicular chain reconstruction is performed to reconstruct the eardrum and the ossicles. During surgery, the eardrum is elevated and the ossicles are examined. If they are in good condition, one bone will be removed, sculpted into the correct shape, and repositioned newly to connect the ossicular chain. In some cases, all three middle ear bones are replaced.

Recovery After Ear Surgery

Expect 2-3 months after your ear surgery to recovery fully. During the first few days after surgery, there will be ear pain, headache, slight dizziness, and the sensation of a stuffed up or blocked ear. The stuffed up feeling improves as your ear heals over 1-2 weeks. At that point your doctor will remove the gauze packing out of the ear canal and gently clean it. This will greatly improve the sensation of fullness. Expect some drainage of bloody fluid from your ear over the following days after the packing is removed. 

Some patients notice an improvement immediately after their surgery. Generally, it will take 2-4 weeks before patients notice a difference in their hearing. After that point, further improvements may be noticed in the following two months. 

As you heal, ensure you don’t get water in your ear, do not go on a plane or scuba dive, and do not exercise or lift anything that requires you to strain. Avoid noisy areas because your ears will initially be more sensitive to noise.

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Who is a Candidate for Outer and Middle Ear Surgery?

If you have structural damage or malformations of the outer or middle ear, you are likely a candidate for surgery. Candidates should meet the following qualifications:

  • Are generally in good health
  • Have no serious medical concerns such as bleeding disorders
  • Have structrual damage from trauma to the ear
  • Have malformations of the outer or middle ear
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