CT imaging is similar to x-ray technology. You will lie down on a table that will slide through the machine several times to make sure enough images are gathered. Some patients may receive injections with contrast dye to enhance sinus visibility. Since small motions can cloud the images, you may be asked to hold your breath during the picture-taking process. The entire procedure takes 10-20 minutes.

The CT Scan Experience

Prior to your CT imaging session, you may receive special instructions regarding abstaining from eating or drinking. This will ensure the highest quality images are produced. Before being scanned by the machine, you’ll need to remove all jewelry and earrings and don a hospital robe.

Once you are comfortably positioned on the treatment table, you will be moved back and forth underneath the machine several times to capture the best photos. Afterward, you can return to your normal activities right away with no side effects of any kind. Your ENT provider will analyze the images and use them to create a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses your ailments.

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Conditions treated 

CT imaging is usually requested by the doctor if a patient is struggling with chronic sinus infections or nasal obstruction. Inflammation and nasal tumors can also be investigated using the technology. Finally, CT imaging can be used to provide a crystal clear road map for an ENT specialist performing nasal surgery.

Benefits of the Procedure

  • Helps diagnose sinusitis
  • Provides a clear, accurate picture of the sinuses
  • Easier to pinpoint the source of nasal obstruction
  • Painless and non-invasive
  • Helps increase the ENT surgeon’s precision

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Procedure Candidacy

Ideal candidates for in-office CT imaging are concerned about nasal blockage and recurring sinus infections. Those with nasal tumors may also benefit from the accuracy that CT imaging provides to our ENT providers. CT imaging can give the surgeon a clearer picture of the treatment area and can thus improve the surgical outcome. Patients who are pregnant or nursing are not good candidates for CT imaging.

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How long does CT imaging take?

CT imaging takes about 10-20 minutes to complete. If the doctor decides that you need an injection of contrast dye to make the images clearer, it might take an extra ten minutes or so.

Are there any side effects from CT imaging?

No. CT imaging is non-invasive and takes only a matter of minutes to complete. You’ll be able to immediately return to work, school, or just enjoying your day.

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