Our highly trained, knowledgeable ENT providers will evaluate your sinus concerns and create a treatment plan that will positively impact your quality of life. Surgical procedures for nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis are performed endoscopically, meaning the doctor will use a tiny tubular camera to clearly perceive the nasal cavities. This ensures a painstakingly precise approach that is the foundation of a successful outcome. 

Procedure Overview  

Surgery for nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis is performed under general anesthesia, which ensures you are perfectly relaxed and comfortable during your treatment. Incisions are created inside the nostrils, so scarring is well-hidden and inconspicuous. 

As a first step, your provider will insert the endoscope inside the nose. This device utilizes a tiny camera and light to transmit high-quality images to a monitor, giving the doctor a clear view of your internal nasal structures. Your practitioner will then use specialized tools to gently remove tissue and polyps that may be blocking the sinuses. Once the surgery is complete, your nose will begin to drain more normally, and symptoms of discomfort will dissipate. 

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Benefits of the Procedure

  • Removes polyps that are causing nasal blockage
  • Improves breathing
  • Halts chronic sinus conditions
  • Reduces tension headaches and facial pain
  • Improves nasal drainage
  • Opens up obstructed air passageways
  • Restores a sense of taste and smell

Conditions Treated 

Surgery is the ideal solution for nasal polyps and chronic sinus conditions that have not seen improvement through the use of medications or other non-invasive treatment methods.

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About The Barranco Clinic

The Barranco Clinic provides state-of-the-art ENT services to clients in and beyond Lake Wales, Winter Haven, Haines City, Sebring, and Clermont, delivering customized outcomes that help swiftly relieve symptoms and improve the overall quality of life. Our practice is founded on the following core principles:

Personalized Treatment

We cater to the individual rather than using a cookie-cutter approach. By taking time to carefully listen to your concerns, questions, and wishes for improvement, we can lay the groundwork for a successful, long-lasting result.

Top-rated Physician Network

Our team of consummate, trusted ENT specialists have over 300 years of combined expertise. Thanks to our atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation, patients receive the benefit of a multidisciplinary approach along with exponential healing.

Continuity of Care

From your first consultation all the way through your final aftercare plan, we go the extra mile to ensure a seamless, stress-free patient experience. We follow up with you to check that your symptoms have been reduced and you are happy with your result.

Community Investment

Giving back to the community is among our highest values. We consistently partner with organizations that provide food, shelter, clothing, education, medicine, resources, and social support to those most in need.

Procedure Candidacy

Those patients who are experiencing chronic sinus headaches, facial pain, and breathing problems related to polyps in the nose may be excellent candidates for surgery, especially if medication has not relieved their symptoms in the past. Our qualified, board-certified ENT surgeons will assess your condition and determine if you are eligible for surgery during a private, in-depth consultation.

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Your Experience

Before surgery, our team will carefully evaluate you to double-check that surgery is truly the best solution for you. We will delve into your medical history, examine your nose, and listen carefully to your list of symptoms.

Once the surgery is decided upon as the best option, you will be sedated with general anesthesia. The ENT surgeon will then insert an endoscope within the nose to preview the area on a monitor. The tiny camera enables the surgeon to act with the highest degree of precision possible as they remove polyps and nasal tissue that is at the root of your blockage. The surgery takes several hours, after which you will be able to leave the office and continue your recovery in the privacy of your own home.


What is recovery like after surgery?

No overnight stay is needed for your surgery, and most clients do not report any swelling or bruising afterward. You may need to use a nasal spray or rinse after your procedure to flush out any trapped debris.

What type of anesthesia is used?

Our doctors use general anesthesia to perform surgery for nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis. This ensures the patient is fully relaxed, comfortable, and pain-free throughout their treatment.

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