While many ear infections can be best addressed using antibiotics, some will not need medication and will just go away on their own with rest and the proper diet. At The Barranco Clinic in Lake Wales, Winter Haven, Haines City, Sebring, and Clermont, we help diagnose and treat both chronic and acute ear infections in patients of all ages, providing them with relief from their symptoms so they can get back to living happy, productive lives.

Ear Infection Treatment Options 


Ear infections caused by bacteria can be well-treated with antibiotics. However, antibiotics will be an ineffective solution for viral infections.


Surgery can be performed as a last resort to help relieve symptoms for those with chronic and severe ear infections. Our providers can repair the ears’ internal structures and thus prevent future infections before they recur. 

Ear tubes

Ear tubes can help combat fluid accumulation in the middle ear for both adults and children. Using a laser device or scalpel, a tiny perforation is created within the eardrum through which the excess fluid can be suctioned out. This approach is especially helpful for those with chronic ear infections. The tubes fall out by themselves after about 4-18 months, and the hole then disappears.

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About Ear Infections

Ear infections originate in the middle ear, an area located behind the eardrum. Typically, this region is dry, clean, and clear. The eustachian tube, a passageway connecting the middle ear to the throat, may become blocked, causing the middle ear to store moisture and draw germs. This is precisely how an ear infection occurs during cold weather or in allergy season.

Ear Infection Symptoms

  • Pain in the ears
  • Ringing in the ears
  • A feeling of fullness
  • Muffled or reduced hearing function
  • Drainage
  • Fever (in children)

Who Typically Gets Ear Infections?

Ear infections can happen to anyone, regardless of their age. Even infants and toddlers suffer from ear infections on occasion. Ear infections tend to arrive while the patient is struggling with the flu, a cold, or allergies.

About The Barranco Clinic

The Barranco Clinic serves the communities of Lake Wales, Winter Haven, Haines City, Sebring, and Clermont, providing exceptional ENT care that is tailored to your unique needs and wishes. Our practice is founded on the following four principles:

Personalized Treatment

We treat each client as an individual, delivering customized results rather than a “cookie-cutter” approach.

Top-rated Physician Network

Our practitioners are meticulously trained and experienced, combining a wealth of skill and knowledge with a compassionate bedside manner. We have specialists and subspecialists for every condition you may encounter.

Continuity of Care

Every aspect of our practice is optimized with your happiness and well-being in mind. From our state-of-the-art, technologically advanced office suites to the commitment and dedication of our staff members, your care extends to every phase of your healing journey.

Community Investment

One of our values at The Barranco Clinic is to actively engage and give back to the community. We provide free assistance to those in need through targeted donations and programs and insist on a culture of generosity and inclusion.

Ear Infection FAQ

Can children get ear infections?

Yes, it is very common. Even babies can suffer from ear infections. A child’s eustachian tubes close easily, making them especially prone to symptoms.

Can allergies cause ear infections?

Yes, allergies are among the most common causes of ear infections.

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