The loss of your taste and smell senses is usually temporary, but it can be difficult to deal with, even in the short term. At The Barranco Clinic in Lake Wales, Winter Haven, Haines City, Sebring, and Clermont, we can get to the root causes of your loss of taste and smell and find a solution for the underlying conditions that may be impairing your quality of life. 

Treatment Methods

The first step in finding a treatment for a loss of taste or smell is determining the cause. SFENTA’s highly trained providers are experts in ENT care, with years of experience in treating these types of conditions, including sinus infections, allergies, and nasal polyps. They can evaluate your symptoms and make treatment recommendations. If you’re interested in learning more about your treatment options, we encourage you to contact us. 

Allergy Treatment

We can perform allergy testing and provide allergy drops and shots customized to your unique needs. This can help you develop a tolerance to your particular environmental allergens.

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Sinus Infection Treatment

Balloon sinuplasty can be performed by our experienced ENT practitioners to help drain the sinuses and prevent congestion. A tiny balloon is inserted into the nasal channel and inflated, creating more room for the air to pass through.

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Nasal Polyp Treatment

We can surgically remove polyps that are blocking your sense of smell and taste and keep them from coming back at a later date. Chronic sinusitis can also be treated through strategic polyp removal.

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Temporary Loss of Taste and Smell

The nerves responsible for relating smells to the brain rest at the top of the nasal passageways. When these pathways get blocked due to swelling and congestion, the brain may no longer register odors. Taste is connected to our sense of smell, so it may also be muted in the process. 

A loss of smell and taste can be dangerous in the sense that it may prevent you from noticing a fire, ingesting food that has gone bad, or detecting a gas leak. If you are experiencing a temporary loss of taste and smell, it’s important that you find out the root cause.

Symptoms of Loss of Taste and Smell:

  • Partial or complete inability to smell or taste
  • A feeling of congestion
  • Discomfort

About The Barranco Clinic

The Barranco Clinic offers top-tier, state-of-the-art ENT services to patients in and beyond Lake Wales, Winter Haven, Haines City, Sebring, and Clermont. Our practice is founded on the following core principles:

Personalized Treatment

We provide each patient with customized care, creating an individualized plan for them and following up on their care after they leave. Our patients feel at home thanks to the warmth and genuine compassion extended by every member of our team.

Top-rated Physician Network

Our providers are rigorously trained and vetted professionals who combine their expertise, skill, and knowledge to offer exponential healing. Our collaborative and cooperative practice atmosphere ensures you receive the benefit of an entire team of specialists working on your behalf.

Continuity of Care

Our providers follow up with you to ensure you are enjoying long-term well-being and optimal health year-round.

Community Investment

We invest in our communities by providing the services and items most needed. We love to give back, and we do it with enthusiasm.


Who is at risk?

A temporary loss of taste and smell can happen to anyone, especially those dealing with chronic sinus issues, allergies, nasal polyps, and underlying neurological disorders.

Do you lose your sense of smell and taste as you age?

Age can play a minor role in the loss of taste and smell, but this is more pronounced for patients who smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or take certain prescribed medications.

If I can’t taste or smell, does it mean I have Covid-19?

While a loss of taste and smell is a symptom of Covid-19, it could also be due to an underlying health problem such as chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps, or allergies. It’s important that you get tested for Covid-19 right away, however, if you are experiencing other symptoms such as a fever, chills, or a sore throat.

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