These drops are also a good alternative for patients who cannot use allergy shots. Allergy drops are taken by mouth while at home, while allergy shots require repeat in-office injections. The Barranco Clinic is proud to offer this treatment to help patients find lasting allergy relief. 

How Allergy Drops Work

Allergy drops can come in two forms, liquid or an oral pill. A small amount of your specific allergen will be present in each version. Both forms will be placed beneath the tongue and quickly dissolve. This is done every day. 

Allergies occur when we are exposed to a large amount of an allergen. When this exposure occurs, our immune system tries to flush out the allergen, which causes symptoms that include sneezing, watering eyes, and nasal drainage. 

Allergy drops expose you to small amounts of the allergen, which gradually increase with your doses. This helps decrease your allergy triggers and build a tolerance for when you are exposed to more significant amounts of the allergen.

Allergies Treated Through Allergy Drops

Allergy drops can be used on specific types of environmental allergens. They do not work for other allergies such as food or medication. Some of the allergens they can treat include:

  • Ragweed
  • Dust
  • Certain types of grass
  • Benefits of Allergy Drops

Allergy drops can:

  • Help patients build an allergy tolerance
  • Help patients reduce their allergy symptoms
  • Help patients find relief from their homes
  • Help patients who are unable to use allergy shots
  • Help patients find lasting relief

About The Barranco Clinic

The Barranco Clinic is one of Central Florida’s leading allergy specialists. At each of our five office locations, you will find the most advanced forms of allergy treatment, as well as experienced providers who are experts in allergy care.

At our offices, we’ve made it our priority to provide each patient with:

Personalized Treatment

Our providers understand the importance of feeling heard and take the time to understand your concerns and listen to your symptoms.

Top-rated Physician Network

With a team of highly-skilled physicians, we’ve built a provider network that encourages internal communication and collaboration, leading to the best patient outcomes.

Continuity of Care

We believe in helping patients find long-term solutions for their concerns, allowing them to get back to the activities they enjoy.

Community Investment

Our providers are always here for you with convenient locations throughout the Central Florida area.

Your Allergy Drop Experience

The first step is for our providers to determine which type of allergy drops will best suit your needs. Allergy drops can come in a liquid or pill form. Your provider will work with you to decide which is best for your specific needs. Both forms will include an extract of your specific allergen. The pills and liquid are both placed beneath the tongue, and you will be asked to hold them there until they are fully dissolved. After this, you should not swallow for about a minute or eat or drink anything for five minutes. This ensures that everything is fully dissolved.

During your first visit, you will take the pills or liquid in our offices and be monitored for 30 minutes after the drops have dissolved. This ensures that in the unlikely event of an allergic reaction, you have medical assistance readily available. After this, you can return home and continue your treatment there. 

Who Is a Candidate for Allergy Drops?

An ideal candidate for allergy drops is patients with specific environmental allergies. These include allergies to ragweed, grass, or dust mites. At The Barranco Clinic, our providers will review your allergy symptoms to determine if you are a candidate or recommend an alternative form of treatment. 

Some patients may require allergy testing before their candidacy for allergy drops can be determined. Our staff provides several forms of allergy testing and ensures you receive a thorough diagnosis. 

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Allergy Drops FAQs

Should I use allergy drops or shots?

Our staff can help determine which form of allergy treatment is best for you.

Are allergy drops safe for children?

Yes. To determine if your child is a candidate for allergy drops, contact our office for an evaluation with an allergy specialist.

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