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The Barranco Clinic is a premier provider of ENT care to patients across Central Florida. Since the clinic's inception several decades ago, our goal has been to help patients find lasting relief. We offer the full range of ENT services and have condensed them into seven primary care areas. These include:


Our ears help us hear the sounds around us and are an essential part of helping us maintain our balance. Some of the ear conditions we can treat include ear infections, dizziness, and other types of complicated ear disorders. We provide balance testing, ear tubes, and surgical treatment of chronic ear infections to address these concerns and others. 


Audiology is the area of science and medicine that focuses on hearing. Hearing loss is a common concern for patients, especially as they age. Our audiologists can help determine the cause of your hearing loss and find a workable hearing loss solution for you. Some of the available options include surgery to repair hearing and hearing aids.

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An allergy is a response from the immune system to something found in your environment. This could be food, medication, or even a substance such as pollen or pet dander. Our staff can help address these types of allergies and, in some cases, even help you build up a tolerance to the allergen. We offer treatments including allergy testing, allergy shots, and allergy drops to help you find allergy relief.


The sinuses are hollow cavities in the face that help humidify the air we breathe. When they become blocked or clogged, it can create pain and lead to infection. We can help address congestion (nasal blockage), nasal drainage, and sinus infections. This is achieved through treatments including balloon sinuplasty, surgery for nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis, and septoplasty, also known as deviated septum surgery.

Head and Neck:

The areas of the head and neck are susceptible to inflammation, infection, and cancers, just like any other area of the body. This includes enlarged lymph nodes, abnormal parathyroid glands, chronic tonsil infections, adenoid infections, and more. We offer services including parathyroid surgery, salivary gland surgery, head and neck cancer evaluation, surgery, and adenoidectomy to address these concerns.

Voice and Swallowing:

Your voice helps you connect with the world at large. Because speaking is the result of several muscles and tissues working together, it can sometimes be impacted by illness or injury to these areas. We can address vocal cord tumors, vocal tremors and spasms, and acid reflux to help make speaking or swallowing easier. This is achieved through treatments such as vocal cord and voice examination, swallowing therapy, speech therapy, and acid reflux testing.

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A good night of sleep is the best way to start the day. Those with sleeping conditions such as sleep apnea and snoring can have a hard time sleeping well and may even wake up their partners throughout the night. We offer treatments including evaluation of snoring and sleep apnea, sleep apnea surgery, and sleep apnea therapy to help you finally achieve a great night of sleep.

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