Ear Treatments at The Barranco Clinic 

The physicians at The Barranco Clinic are able to help patients with a variety of ear conditions and concerns, including chronic ear infections, eardrum perforation, and balance testing. We also offer surgical procedures to help repair areas of the ear and decrease the frequency of chronic infections. 

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Available Treatments

  • Balance testing
  • Ear hygiene and wax removal
  • Ear tubes
  • Repair of eardrum perforation
  • Surgical treatment of chronic ear infections
  • Surgical procedures

Services Offered

Balance Testing

Feeling unbalanced can be a sign of an underlying condition that starts with the ear. Inside the ear canal is fluid that helps you maintain your balance. If you begin to feel off-balance, have trouble standing up, or notice yourself leaning or falling as you walk, you may require a balance test. These tests can help providers determine the cause of your imbalance and help chart a treatment course.

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Ear Hygiene & Wax Removal

Ear hygiene is an often forgotten or mishandled area of self-care. Overcleaning with cotton swabs can cause wax or dirt to be pushed further into your ears or lead to punctures of the eardrum. Under-cleaning your ears can lead to ear wax building up and end up impacting your hearing. Our providers offer professional cleaning services to help remove excess wax and improve hearing.

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Repair of Eardrum Perforation

Eardrum perforation is a hole or puncture in the eardrum. This can be caused by chronic ear infections or injury to the ear and cause pain and other unwanted side effects. Our providers can use a minor surgical procedure to repair the damage when perforation is created. This is done using a skin or tissue graft to help patch the tear. This helps ensure the tear does not increase in size and helps stop symptoms. 

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Ear Tubes

Ear tubes are tiny cylinders that can be surgically inserted into the ears to prevent a build-up of fluid. These can also be used to treat middle ear infections or inflammation. The tubes are often made of metal or plastic pieces and can provide relief for several months. After this time, they will fall out on their own, and the holes will close naturally. 

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Surgical Treatment of Chronic Ear Infections

Chronic ear infections are common in both children and adults. They can cause you to miss out on activities, including school or work. Side effects can include pain in the ears, hearing loss, and fluid draining from the ears. In most cases, medication no longer works for chronic ear infections, and other treatments must be used. Our providers offer a surgical procedure to help stop these infections.

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Surgical Procedures

Surgery of the ear requires a great deal of skill to perform. Because the ears are responsible for so many things, including hearing and maintaining our balance, surgery must be performed by an experienced provider. Our staff have been performing these surgeries for many years and have extensive training, ensuring your surgery will be performed in the safest possible manner.

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Why Choose The Barranco Clinic?

The Barranco Clinic has been helping patients throughout Central Florida for over 20 years. Our staff includes dedicated ENT providers who work to help patients achieve long-term relief. We’ve built a network of skilled providers in all areas of ear and hearing care. This allows patients access to both physicians and audiologists in one convenient location. 

If you are interested in an appointment with one of our ENT providers, contact our office to schedule an appointment. Our offices are located across Central Florida and can be found in Haines City, Lake Wales, Sebring, Winter Haven, and Clermont.

With 3 convenient locations around the Orlando area, we're never far away.

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