How does the Maxum Implant work?

The Maxum System is a hearing implant with a small magnetic titanium device and an advanced sound processor. The implant is placed in the middle ear with a minimally invasive procedure, and the sound processor is discreetly worn in the ear canal. The advanced sound processor uses electromagnetic energy to vibrate the implant, directly stimulating the inner ear and providing cleaner, crisper sound quality and more amplification without feedback. 

While hearing aids use a speaker to amplify sounds, Maxum uses an advanced sound processor to send electric signals to a transceiver coil. These signals are transferred by electromagnetic energy across the eardrum to the Maxum implant.

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Am I a good candidate for a Maxum Implant?

The best candidate for a Maxum Implant is someone who has sensorineural hearing loss, which occurs when the inner ear or hearing nerve is damaged or becomes dysfunctional. Some of the most common causes of this type of hearing loss include:

  • Age-related hearing loss
  • Noise-induced hearing loss
  • Hearing loss due to trauma or inherited disorders

These types of hearing loss, in general, cannot be corrected surgically, but hearing aids are a good option for many patients. However, some patients with hearing loss are so severe on both sides that hearing aids are useless. These patients will experience the best results with the Maxum Middle Ear Implant. Candidacy for the Maxum Middle Ear Implant is based on the lack of adequate benefit from hearing aids and specific hearing criteria that are measured with standard hearing tests.

What are the Maxum Implant benefits?

The most significant Maxum Implant benefit is that Maxum is speakerless. Because the implant directly causes the inner ear to amplify sounds, you have fewer limitations than a traditional hearing aid. You’ll avoid the disruptive squealing sound that conventional hearing aids are notorious for.

Some of the other notable Maxum Implant benefits include:

  • Improved sound quality
  • Greater amplification
  • Minimized occlusion, making your voice sound less hollow in your ears
  • Reduced feedback without reduced gain
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What is the procedure for a Maxum Implant?

The Maxum Hearing Implant System can be implanted in a standard procedure room under local anesthesia. Because the surgical approach is through the ear canal, it does not require stitches. During the procedure, your surgeon at the Barranco Clinic will attach the tiny Maxum implant to the stirrup bone in your middle ear.

After one week, the dressing is removed, and after three weeks, your custom sound processor will be activated and programmed by your audiologist. In terms of wound care, you will apply an antibiotic ointment to the surgery site. The healing process generally takes three months, at which point the hearing processor can be placed onto the titanium fixture for use, and you can set or remove the hearing device at any time. You can also bathe and wash your hair as you usually would. While the external processor may require periodic replacement, the hearing implant typically lasts for the patient's life.

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Why choose the Barranco Clinic for my Maxum Implant?

Our only priority is our patients, so our care is focused on you and your unique needs. When you visit one of our highly educated and experienced ENT providers, they will help you understand the treatment options that can benefit your condition to determine the right course of action for you. This attention to patient satisfaction and quality audiology care make the Barranco Clinic the best choice for your Maxum Implant procedure.

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